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Why Choose Amberkava

Company Incorporation Services in Cyprus

Amberkava specializes in guiding businesses through the intricate process of company incorporation in Cyprus.

Our team assists in determining the most suitable corporate structure, whether it’s establishing Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), licensed companies, foundations, or other specialized business forms.

We meticulously navigate legal formalities, draft necessary documentation, and ensure compliance with Cyprus laws, providing a strong and legally sound foundation for your business operations.

Corporate Services

Explore our comprehensive suite of corporate services designed to optimize your business's financial and operational landscape in Cyprus

Our experts assist in setting up bank accounts, devising tax-efficient strategies, managing accounting and bookkeeping, and ensuring adherence to regulatory frameworks.

By partnering with Amberkava, businesses gain access to strategic solutions that enhance operational efficiency and financial stability while complying with Cyprus’s regulatory landscape.

Legal and Advisory Services

Amberkava's legal and advisory services are tailored to address the diverse needs of businesses setting up in Cyprus

Our experienced legal team provides invaluable guidance on compliance matters, drafts and reviews contracts, handles corporate governance issues, and offers strategic advice on navigating the Cyprus’s legal and regulatory environment.

We prioritize safeguarding your business’s interests, ensuring a smooth and legally compliant operational journey in Cyprus.

Company Incorporation
Process in Cyprus


Pre-Incorporation Phase:


You discuss your business objectives, structure, and preferences with Amberkava’s experts to determine the most suitable company type and requirements.

Name Reservation

The first step involves checking and reserving a unique name for your company, ensuring it complies with Cyprus regulations.


Document Preparation:

Gathering Documentation

You provide necessary documentation, including identification details, proof of address, articles of association, and details of business activities.

Drafting Documents

Preparation of necessary registration documents, ensuring accuracy and compliance with Cyprus laws and regulations.


Incorporation Procedure:

Company Registration

Upon completion of document preparation, the incorporation process begins. Amberkava submits the required documents to the Cyprus Registrar of Companies for company registration.

Obtaining Certificates

Once approved, the company receives its Certificate of Incorporation, Tax Identification Number (TIN), and other essential corporate documents duly certified and apostilled.


Post-Incorporation Compliance:

Registered Office and Secretary

A registered office address and secretary must be appointed, which Amberkava assists with to ensure full compliance. Leverage the services of our professional local directors to fulfill the legal requirements for tax residency criteria and ensure legal compliance.

Bank Account Setup

Assistance in setting up a bank account for the company, including guidance on required documentation and procedures.


Ongoing Compliance Support:

Annual Obligations

Amberkava guides clients in fulfilling annual obligations such as filing annual returns, maintaining accounting records, and meeting regulatory requirements. We take all the hassle out of the preparation and submission of reports, accounting, and audit procedures. We keep a close eye on deadlines for the relevant tax payments to let you concentrate on business.

Additional Services:

Apart from incorporation, Amberkava offers post-incorporation services like legal counsel, tax planning, and advisory support tailored to clients’ evolving business needs. Trust us to handle the meticulous preparation and submission of VAT, OSS, and VIES declarations, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

How Amberkava Works


Amberkava starts by understanding clients' business goals, providing personalized consultation and guidance throughout the incorporation journey.


Clients benefit from Amberkava's expertise in Cyprus company incorporation, legal frameworks, and compliance requirements, ensuring a smooth and legally sound process with tailor-made offers.


Amberkava assists in gathering and meticulously preparing all necessary documentation, ensuring accuracy and compliance with Cyprus laws. Everything is done remotely.


The incorporation process is transparent, with clear communication, updates, and guidance provided at every step, ensuring clients are informed and involved.


Post-incorporation, Amberkava continues to support clients with ongoing compliance requirements, corporate services, legal counsel, and advisory support, ensuring sustained business success in Cyprus.

and Security:

Amberkava prioritizes client confidentiality and employs secure channels for handling sensitive information, ensuring the highest level of privacy and security throughout the process.

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